“Wouldn’t it be great to have our own vineyard and winery some day?”

Back in 2005, we said that too many times to count.  Steve’s work had taken us to Virginia for a year and we spent many lazy weekends driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway visiting the many wineries along the way.

That is actually where the Cannon Creek Vineyard story began.

In 2015, we were searching for a retirement property and were lucky to come across 30 acres in Canton, Texas.  The bonus?  Its previous owner had planted about 3 acres of vines.  We came and toured the property on a Friday evening and bought it the next Saturday morning.

While nursing the baby vines into maturity, we began finishing out the metal barn on-site into what is now our Tasting Room.  Then in 2017 our first harvest produced just over 9 tons of grapes.  We were thrilled…sold every last bucket to other Texas wineries.

In 2018 we decided to keep all of our grapes and make our own wine. 

For those that enjoy a chilled sweet white on a warm summer afternoon, you must try the Blanc du Bois.  Or if your pallet is suited to a dry, the oaked Blanc du Bois is an excellent choice.

For red wine enthusiasts, our Spring arrival of Black Spanish and a Texas Cabernet will definitely delight your pallet.

So, the journey has just started.  Come see what Texas Wines and Texas Hospitality have to offer at Cannon Creek Vineyard.

Steve & Kelly